National Curriculum Review

National Curriculum Review

The National Curriculum Council Secretariat, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training (MoE&PT), spearheaded the revision of National Curriculum 2006. The review sessions spanned over a period of 5 weeks. There were two sessions in May; one from 1st to 4th and second from 22nd to 24th May. The third session took place from 5th to 8th June 2017. Khadija Khan – Chief Executive Officer Early Childhood Development Network of Pakistan represented the network in this important task. This curriculum revision is aimed to update indicators in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) to cultivate an environment where children discover pro-social behaviors helping them to learn through collaborative processes, cooperation, sharing and caring for others, and to be confident in not feeling threatened by the debilitating effects of continued competitive environment. The focus of this curriculum framework will remain on the provision of such environment where development of skills like research/probing, decision making, inquisitive learning and leadership with increased emphasis on practice of values like patience, tolerance, empathy and civic education can take place and become part of child’s personality. Other vital underlying theme is personality development with local, national and global perspectives where the aim is to help child become a responsible law-abiding citizen fully aware of his/her role as custodian of national heritage and natural resources aiming to conserve and replenish.

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  1. Sudheer Reply

    Singh has individually reviewed and aligned with grade I-XII the ECE in 2016.
    Now it’s in the process of approval.
    We are going to write textbook of it sooner.

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