Meeting with Donors and Partners

Meeting with Donors and Partners

Organised by

The Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training and Early Childhood Development Network Pakistan

September 16, 2017 at Serena Hotel Islamabad

A meeting with the donors and partners held on a lunch hosted by the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training (MoFE&PT) and the Chairman Early Childhood Development Network Pakistan (ECDNP). The agenda of the meeting was to share with the donors and partners the progress made on the ECCE Conference Recommendations which had been approved by the Minister of State for MoFE&PT soon after the Conference. Professor Muhammad Rafique Tahir, Joint Educational Adviser (JEA) MoFE&PT and Nasruddin Rupani Chairman ECDNP welcomed the participants of the meeting and briefed them about the progress made so far and also shared a way forward and upcoming events in ECCE. The updates included the changes made in the Chapter of ECCE in National Education Policy 2017 during the recent review of the policy, the changes made in the ECCE Curriculum in the light of the conference recommendations, development of a directory of ECCE stakeholders in Pakistan and bi-monthly newsletters prepared and circulated by ECDNP. Work in progress included formation of working groups for the different themes identified as part of the conference recommendations and development of an awareness campaign on ECCE with the help of POWER99 – a private radio channel.  

Talking about the upcoming events, Professor Rafique shared that since it was announced in the conference that the Conference on ECCE will be an annual feature of the work being done in Pakistan in ECCE, therefore, all relevant partners will organize the conference annually under the leadership of the MoFE&PT. He announced that next year the conference will be held in March 2018 at AIOU and informed that the university has already initiated the process for it. He requested all the stakeholders to participate in it actively.  Another key upcoming event, he shared, was the E9 Conference which the government is going to organize in 2018.

The participants of the meeting included:

Prof. Muhammad Rafique Tahir Joint Educational Adviser MoFE&PT
Nasruddin Rupani Chairman ECDNP
Jan Madad Senior Educational Adviser, UNICEF
Vebeka Jensen Country Head UNESCO
Nargis Sultana Programme Officer Open Society Foundation
Edward Davis Senior Education Adviser DFID
Dr. Aslam Shaheen Chief Nutrition, SUN Focal Point Planning Commission
Dr. Syed Kamal ud Din Director NEAS National Education Assessment System
Sadia Atta Mehmood   UNfPA
Nazia Seher Senior Programme Officer/Incharge Edu, Gender, Environment & Culture, JICA
Ghulam Tahir Vice Chairperson Rupani Foundation
Dr. Afshan Huma   Allama Iqbal Open University
Waseem Samad CEO Rupani Foundation
Khadija Khan CEO ECDNP


The Chairman & CEO ECDNP had series of meetings after the lunch meeting with the donors. Follow up meeting were held with UNICEF, UNESCO, DFID, SPARC and Scaling up Nutrition. The agenda of the meetings was to deliberate upon possible partnerships and collaboration for promoting holistic ECD in Pakistan. The CEO will remain in contact with these and other donors to work on partnerships and resource mobilization for the network.

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