Goals & Objectives


  1. To develop understanding amongst all stakeholders/caregivers about concepts of holistic and inclusive ECD practices
  2. To help government to realize and define key role of its ministries in promotion of holistic and inclusive development of all children
  3. To strengthen sharing of best practices and resources and collaborations among ECD stakeholders
  4. To collaborate with stakeholders for investments in a promotion of ECD services, material development, and thematic research grants.


The Network will;

  1. Provide a national forum of networking and collaboration amongst all ECD stakeholders, ministries and departments of provincial and federal governments.
  2. Promote collaboration, generating and sharing of resources, best practices and research work amongst various ECD organizations and individuals.
  3. Contribute in development of ECD policy, curriculum, assessment system and training models (qualifications) across ECD training institutions and organizations in Pakistan.
  4. Collaborate with regional and international ECD networks to bring benefits of regional and international experiences to Pakistan.