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  3. Music is all around us and an important part of everyday life. Music is a universal language with its own symbols, shapes and styles. It is the science of sound, symbols, rhythm and melody. Students of Music learn to form relationships between the discipline and their understanding of the world. Music at Beaconhouse is about letting students become fluent in the language of music so that they may analyse, manipulate, arrange and communicate information. Music education fosters creative and aesthetic development, and enhances the growth of reasoning through the use of investigative techniques in a musical context. The ages between 0 and 7 are the most critical for brain growth. Brain connections are formed at their fastest rate. Whole-brain and whole-body activities taken on during this time create a network of connections across the brain that can last a lifetime. Daniel J. Levitin (2006) wrote in his book, This is Your Brain on Music that “Music activates all areas of brain”. Music has the unique ability to go through alternative channels and connect different sections of the brain. Music makes students smart, many studies have been done to prove that music education is linked to better grades and test marks in other subjects. At Beaconhouse when students are involved in different music activities, actually they are developing and enhancing 21st century skills: · Creativity & Innovation · Critical Thinking & Problem Solving · Communication · Collaboration · Interpersonal Growth · Language & Literacy · Self Confidence · Social Skills · Motor Skills · Sensory Skills · Memory The Beaconhouse Music curriculum is a research-based curriculum and is aligned with international standards. The curriculum provides rich music specific experiences throughout the academic year, as well as, opportunities to experience music across the curriculum. Effective integration of music enables meaningful connections to be made across disciplines and contributes to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes in all areas of learning.
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