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Early Child Development (ECD) is emerging as an area of focus and interest globally. Over the last decade, Pakistan has also seen increasing intervention in the area of early and formative education and development of children in the age group zero to eight years. Wide variation is found in the understanding and use of ECD terminology and it is also known as Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Early Childhood Education (ECE) or Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED). The ECD programs and approaches are now recognized as being the most advantageous and effective method that enhances the child’s natural potential in all respects; mental faculties, physical development and social/behavioral competencies. A 2012 report from the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) concludes that Early Childhood education “improves children’s cognitive abilities, helps to create a foundation for lifelong learning, makes learning outcomes more equitable, reduces poverty and improves social mobility from generation to generation. 
Following the global trend, Pakistan has seen a considerable growth in the practice of ECD as a model of social development. A significant number of NGOs and private sector organizations are operating ECD centers and ECD related programs in various parts of Pakistan. International donor agencies have also realized the benefits of ECD in national development and have made generous funding available for this sector. The government has also realized the significance of ECD. THE Following quote from National Education policy 2009 attests to government’s interest in ECD/ECE: More…
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Holistic and inclusive Early Child Development access for every child of Pakistan.


The ECD Network of Pakistan will advance the cause of inclusive ECD programs in Pakistan.


To develop an understanding amongst all stakeholders about concepts of holistic and inclusive ECD practices.


The Network will Provide a national forum of networking and collaboration amongst all ECD stakeholders.

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